Post- Doctoral Foreign Visits & Participation in International Congresses

Worked in the laboratories of USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow and the Moscow State University under the Indian National Science Academy & USSR Academy of Sciences Collaborative Programme-1984. Period of visit 27th November 1984 to 26th February 1985

International Volcanological Congress,1986, New Zealand presented a paper (oral presentation): Paragenesis and Fluid Inclusion Study of Fluorspar Associated with Volcanic Rocks of Karara, Rajasthan, India. Period of visit 1st February 1986 to 15th February 1986

28thInternational Geological Congress,1989, Washington D. C., USA, presented a paper (oral) Petrology of the Precambrian Lead-Zinc Deposits, Rampura-Agucha India, and another on "Anthophyllite Deposits of Jharol Area, Rajasthan. Abs. Vol. #2,p666. Period of visit 09th July 1989 to 19th July 1989 
  • Equipment training at the LOGITECH Works, Glasgow, UK. Period of visit 22nd February1991 to 1st March 1991 
29thInternational Geological Congress,1992,Kyoto, Japan. Paper presented (oral presentation): Petrochemistry of the Scheelite Bearing Skarns and Granites of Kararavav, India. (Abs. Vol. #3,p732). Period of visit 24th August 1992 to 03rd September 1992. Chaired the oral session of the symposium II-16-2 of the IGC, "Ore forming Processes in the Island Arcs and Active Continental Margins" 
  • Worked in the CRSCM laboratory of CNRS, Orleans, France, under the CSIR-CNRS Collaborative Project 1996-98.Period of visit to Orleans 05th November 1996 to 26th November 1996. 
Convener of the proposed Short Course SB03 "Procedures and Applications of Granulometric Analysis of Ore Minerals" at the 30th INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS, 1996, Beijing, China. (Could not attend the Congress where a paper on "Nonmetallic Mineralogenesis in Rajasthan, India" was also to be presented.)
  • UGC nominee for the Indo-Russia Cultural Exchange Program for the period of three weeks in 2003.
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